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Buy High-Performance Brake Pads Without Sacrificing Quiet Braking

Are you looking to upgrade from OEM or traditional aftermarket friction? If so, you are likely looking for a high-performance pad with enhanced stopping power. Whether you are a more aggressive driver than average (we aren't judging) or a weekend warrior who likes to autocross, you need a brake pad that performs well at high temperatures. 

When it comes to high-performance, semi-metallic pads, conventional wisdom will tell you that you are going to deal with a noisy pad. After all, semi-metallic pads are made of abrasive material. That is bound to produce noise, right? 

Noisy brake pads can be an issue if you use a high-performance vehicle for normal street driving. Luckily, there is high-performance friction on the market today that operates at the quiet level expected from a normal street pad. You no longer have to sacrifice low-noise braking when using performance brake pads.  

Buy High-Performance Brake Pads Without Sacrificing Quiet Braking

The Struggle of Producing a High-Performance, Low Noise Brake Pad

Creating a brake pad that performs under extreme-driving conditions while operating with low noise is not easy to achieve. Oftentimes, manufacturers are forced to sacrifice a higher friction co-efficient for quiet operation.Raybestos Performance Friction Effectiveness Chart

It is a balancing act that takes extensive engineering and testing to dial in. Many times, the results have been disappointing. Quiet pads often don’t perform well and high-friction pads are too noisy for the daily driver.

Raybestos Street Performance Brake Pads: The Best of Both Worlds

When we designed our Performance pads, the goal was to provide:

  • Exceptional performance and drivability
  • Low noise
  • Value to the customer

We tested our friction against the leaders in the market. We took the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. Today, we are Raybestos Performance Friction Noise Comparison Chartable to offer street enthusiasts a leading performance friction offering at a competitive price. 

Our Performance brake pads are made with application-specific, semi-metallic compounds. Unlike most common compounds in the aftermarket, our formulations provide maximum braking torque. Our friction stays effective throughout operating temperatures of up to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see in the graph titled "Friction Effectiveness Test", Raybestos Performance friction is more effective than the competition at the rotor temperatures generated during street and autocross track driving. This makes our pads the ideal option for taking your street vehicle to light autocross track driving without having to change pads. 

However, the elite stopping power that Raybestos Performance pads provide does not come with a noisy cost. Raybestos Performance pads operate at a much quieter level than our competition. The graph titled "Friction Noise Test" clearly illustrates this.   

The ability to pair high-performance and quiet operation is an added benefit of Raybestos Performance friction. This is an uncommon and unique value to find on the market today.

With so many street performance options on the market today, making the correct choice can be difficult. It is important that you have a clear idea of how a pad will perform before you buy it. One thing is clear, you no longer have to sacrifice low noise when purchasing a high-performing brake pad.

You can now purchase Raybestos Performance brake pads directly through our site. 

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