Professional Racing Friction Technical Specifications

Are you wondering which Raybestos Racing friction formulation is the best fit for you? We have you covered. Below, you will find the following information:

  • Graph charting the coefficient of friction at different rotor temperatures for each Racing formulation
  • Description of each racing formulation including their response, torque and wear rate
  • Recommendation for the ideal application of each formulation  

Racing Friction Effectiveness

Formulas are ordered by the highest average friction coefficient

ST47- Highest Overall Torque for Professional Racing

  • Immediate cold response with very high torque at all temperatures
  • Extremely low wear rate and very low taper
  • Ideal for the most severe asphalt short tracks, road courses and other high-friction applications

ST41- High Torque, Fast Recovery for High-Repetition Stops, Extreme Heat

  • Aggressive cold initial bite with increased torque at high temperatures
  • High fade resistance with fast recovery during repeated high-temperature stops
  • Low wear rate
  • Ideal for asphalt short tracks, road courses and other high-friction applications

ST45- Durable, High-Speed Braking

  • Consistent, mid-to-high-level friction
  • Extremely low wear rate and high fade resistance
  • Ideal for endurance races, heavy braking asphalt ovals and road racing

ST38- Medium to Heavy Braking, Asphalt and Dirt

  • Consistent, mid-level torque at operating temperature 
  • Predictable response, low wear rate and gentle on rotors
  • Formulated for sportsman-class asphalt, dirt ovals and off-road applications

ST43- Medium to High Friction

  • Predictable torque increase with temperature
  • Fade-resistant throughout the temperature range
  • High initial bite and medium wear rate

ST44- Consistent, Medium Friction at All Temperatures

  • Consistent, repeatable pedal response throughout the temperature range
  • Softer, less aggressive friction curve
  • High fade resistance and medium wear rate
  • Ideal multi-use friction for a wide variety of applications

ST31- Autocross to Light Duty Track

  • Low-to-mid-level compound with consistent, linear response
  • Formulated for low-energy input, low average torque
  • Low wear rate

ST77- Street to Autocross

  • Street-to-track compound with an exceptional linear response
  • Formulated for quiet, consistent performance
  • Ideal for big-brake street kits
  • Medium wear rate