About / Our Mission

About / Our Mission

Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is committed to leading the Global Aftermarket as the premier manufacturer of automotive braking components. Our primary focus is the mutual growth and profitability of our customers as well as ourselves. This is achieved through a collaborative platform of quality, innovation, dedication and integrity. We are passionately driven to deliver excellence through teamwork, adaptability and accountability for our customers, our suppliers, our people and our products.


Core Values

We Value….

INTEGRITY… Honesty and fairness in everything we do.

RESPECT… Treating each other in a courteous and professional manner.

TRUST… We do what we say and say what we mean.

FLEXIBILITY… Adapting to the needs of the marketplace.

EMPOWERMENT… Fostering an environment to promote individual creativity.

DELIVERY… Results oriented with accuracy, speed and consistency.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS… Daily commitment to outstanding performance.