Brake Pads

AIMCO offers two grades of friction: Performance and Severe Duty. Whether you are looking for reliable braking for everyday driving situations or extreme braking power, we have a brake pad that fits your needs.

Depending on what the application calls for, AIMCO brake pads come complete with:

  • Shims
  • Slots
  • Chamfers
  • Hardware
  • Electronic Wear Sensors
Brake Pads - Performance

AIMCO Performance Brake Pads are offered in the following formulations:

  • Ceramic
  • Semi-Metallic
  • Low-Metallic

Our Performance friction offers wide vehicle coverage and is designed to meet OE specifications. For dependable braking for everyday driving conditions, choose AIMCO Performance Brake Pads. 

Brake Pads - Severe Duty

AIMCO Severe Duty Brake Pads are broken out into two categories:

  • Safety
  • Fleet

Our Safety friction provides extreme braking power for trucks, patrol cars, ambulances and armored vehicles. Our Fleet friction is designed to deliver superior braking for fleet-type vehicles. For exceptionable braking power required for the most demanding driving situations, choose AIMCO Severe Duty Brake Pads.