Raybestos® rotors dominate the aftermarket with first-to-market part numbers and industry-leading coverage.

Whether you are looking for durability for high-performance vehicles, dependability for everyday driving situations or protection against the harshest of elements, Raybestos has a rotor for you.

Our dedicated team of engineers analyzes, measures and tests each product, guaranteeing:

  • Optimal surface finish
  • Minimal thickness variation
  • Minimal lateral run-out
  • Proper balance

All of our rotors are validated to meet TS16949 quality system standards.

With Raybestos rotors, you can be sure that you are receiving the best design for each application and a performance that offers the best:

  • Pedal feel
  • Pad life
  • Rust Protection


Rotors Comparison Chart

Rotors Grade Material Coating Ideal For
Professional Grade™ rotors Professional Grade™ rotors better G3000 None Every-day driving situations
RPT Rust Prevention Technology™RPT Rust Prevention Technology™ better G3000 Full Grey Fusion 4.0™ Cars in rust-prone areas, particularly the rust belt and coastal areas.
Advanced Technology™ rotorsAdvanced Technology™ rotors best Enhanced Iron Varies by Application Severe duty, fleet, enthusiast and high performance vehicles.
PolicePolice specialty Enhanced Iron Full Grey Fusion 4.0™ Police Fleets
R-300™ R-300™ performance Enhanced Iron Grey Fusion 4.0™ High performance vehicles, work trucks, fleets and family vehicles with towing capabilities.