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R-Line Rotors

Dependability, Safety and Performance for Everyday Driving Situations

Raybestos® R-Line Rotors are engineered for everyday driving conditions.

Offering an industry-leading, 99.8 percent coverage for import and domestic cars, light trucks and SUVs, our R-Line rotors provide the highest level of:

  • Dependability
  • Safety
  • Performance


Design and Material

Our R-Line Rotors are developed from OE samples and made with G3000-qualified material, ensuring form, fit and function for dependable braking. 

SAE Standard for Tensile Strength

R-Line Rotors meet the SAE standard for tensile strength, providing structural integrity and a maximum service life.


A non-directional ground finish gives you a product that is ready to install right out of the box

Lateral Runout & Thickness Variation

Our R-Line Rotors come with a lateral runout of 0.004″ or less and a thickness variation of less than 0.0005”, ensuring:

  • Less pedal pulsation 
  • Less brake noise
  • An extended pad life

Mill Balanced Edges

Our R-Line Rotors are mill balanced and 100 percent validated. This helps minimize the thickness variation on the rotor and leads to:

  • Proper balance 
  • Minimized vibration
  • Quieter and smoother stopping