Police Specialty Disc Brake Pads

Raybestos® Police Disc Brake Pads

Raybestos Police Disc Brake Pads are manufactured to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement professionals.

Specifically formulated for pursuit and support vehicles, our police friction features:

  • Quiet on Arrival (QOA) noise-free performance
  • High-temperature, fade-resistant operation
  • Police-specific formulations that avoid temperature fade
  • 27 Police Pursuit numbers and 24 Police Special Service numbers

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Specifically made for pursuit vehicles, our friction formulations help reduce temperature fade for optimal performance during high-speed activity.

Slots and Chamfers

Our slots and chamfers are application specific and match or improve upon the OE design. This helps optimize cooling and suppress noise. 


We select the correct shim material and attachment method for each application to ensure the shims:

  • Perform as intended
  • Reduce noise, vibration and harshness
  • Remain in place for the life of the pad

Raybestos Police friction outperformed our competition during the National Institute of Justice (NJI) performance evaluations. 

Stopping Distance Tests

On the NIJ-MSP stopping distance tests, Raybestos outperformed OE in stopping distance on three of four platforms.

Brake Pad Wear Tests

During the NIJ-MSP high-speed test, Raybestos continually outperformed both OE and aftermarket competitors on overall wear.

Brake Noise

During the NIJ-MSP high-speed test, Raybestos friction was shown to be as quiet or quieter than the competition.