Specialty Brake Pads

Raybestos® recently introduced a new line of specialty disc brake pads that include the following applications:

  • European
  • Truck & Medium Duty
  • Police
  • School Bus
  • Performance Vehicles

This premium line of specialty friction offers supreme quality and superior engineering to meet the stringent demands of these niche vehicle applications. 

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Performance Disc Brake Pads

Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads are the latest addition to the Raybestos® Specialty friction family.

Designed for street use and light track use, our Performance line provides:

  • Semi-metallic formulations
  • Aggressive braking at a quieter level than the competition

Commercial Vehicles

Raybestos Truck & Medium Duty Specialty Disc Brake Pads provide superior brake performance for Class 1 through Class 8 truck, medium duty and air disc vehicles. Our Truck & Medium Duty line of friction features:

  • Designs and formulations that meet OE specifications
  • Comprehensive and late-model coverage

Police Disc Brake Pads

Raybestos Police Disc Brake Pads are specially manufactured to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement professionals. Our Police line of friction features:

  • Formulations made specifically for pursuit and support vehicles
  • Reduced temperature and fade for optimal performance
  • Quiet, vibration-free performance

European Disc Brake Pads

Raybestos European Specialty Disc Brake Pads are a high-quality product designed specifically for European applications. Our European line of friction features:

  • Semi-metallic, ceramic and low-metallic formulations
  • Regulation 90 certification on most applications
  • 90 percent coverage

Stopping Power That Keeps Your Fleet On Schedule

Raybestos School Bus Disc Brake Pads are engineered to provide optimum safety and outstanding performance. Our School Bus friction line features:

  • Semi-metallic formulations designed specifically for each school bus application
  • Expansive coverage for most school bus applications