Element3™ EHT™ Enhanced Hybrid Technology

Element3 - EHT

The future of brake technology is already here.

Element3™ EHT™ Enhanced Hybrid Technology friction offers:

  • The best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one pad
  • Unsurpassed stopping power and vehicle control
  • Domestic and import applications
  • Late model coverage
  • Improved pad wear and durability
  • Quiet, low-dust braking

Drivers looking for top-of-the-line braking technology with unprecedented braking control and stopping power should look no further than Raybestos® EHT™ friction.


Enhanced Hybrid Technology
combines the best attributes of
ceramic and
semi-metallic in one pad


Formulated for long life, less noise,
reduced dust, and better wear
and durability

Stopping Power

Engineered for maximum control in
aggressive stopping situation


EHT™ friction is made with a premium blend of friction materials. This supports:

  • Optimal performance
  • Improved pad wear and durability
  • Increased stopping power during aggressive braking


The shims on our EHT™ brake pads use a noise-damping system to promote quiet stopping in a wide variety of temperature ranges and vehicle platforms. 

The EHT™ shim is made up of five layers, including:

  • Clear epoxy coating
  • Two layers of cold rolled steel
  • Modified nitrile rubber
  • Viscoelastic material

Electronic Wear Sensor

Electronic wear sensors are included in your EHT™ box if the application calls for it. 

Brake Hardware

Stainless steel brake hardware is included with your EHT™ friction, where applicable. Depending on what the application calls for, the following hardware may be included in your EHT™ box:  

  • Abutment Clips
  • Piston Clips
  • Spreader Springs
  • Anti-Rattle Clips

Copper Compliance

EHT™ is ahead of the curve when it comes to copper compliance. According to the Copper-Free Brakes Initiative, by 2021, all brake pads must limit copper found in friction materials to no more than 5 percent of a pad’s weight. 

We can proudly state that all EHT™ brake pads currently meet the 2021 standards. By 2021, we intend to meet the 2025 standards by limiting copper in all EHT™ friction to no more than 0.5 percent of the pad’s weight.  

One Million Miles of Testing

We performed more than one million miles of on-road testing with the EHT™ brake pads across the following platforms:

  • Domestic
  • Import
  • Light truck
  • Fleet

These tests resulted in a brake pad with:

  •  20 to 25 percent improved stopping power
  •  Reduced noise
  • 35 percent wear reduction