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What Backing Plate Is On My Brake Pad?

Quality brake manufacturers pair strong friction materials with the right backing plate for optimum performance. Much like the friction materials, the type of backing plate that is selected by the manufacturer is dependent on the vehicle for which it is designed. 

What Brake Pad Should I Put On My Ford F-150?

Quality brake manufacturers provide multiple friction lines for the same application. This approach allows different driver types to get the performance that they need from their vehicle. Learn how to identify the right pad for the right situations in this document. 

Lightweight Rotor Dilemma

A discussion about how to tell the difference between a high-quality rotor and a lightweight rotor. 

What's in Your Brake Pads

A look at the types of materials used to make friction formulations. 

Which Friction Material is Best

A discussion about semi-metallic, ceramic and hybrid friction formulations and how to determine which formulation to put on your vehicle.