Raybestos® Training Update

Brake Job Tools Video Series: Hose Clamps

In the seventh part of our series, we talk about why you should clamp off brake hoses before you push the caliper piston back into its housing during a brake job.

Watch part six on YouTube.

Clamping off the brake hose before pushing the caliper piston into its housing is an important step of a brake job. The dirtiest brake fluid is found at the bottom of the hydraulic system, near the caliper.

If you push in the caliper piston without clamping off the hose, the dirty brake fluid is pushed back up into the hydraulic system. In fact, you run the risk of the debris in the brake fluid getting caught in the ABS system. This can lead to problems such as a low brake pedal and brake pull.

Be sure to clamp off the hose with an appropriate tool. Using locking pliers or a similar tool will damage the brake hose. Make sure to use a clamp similar to those shown in the video.


  • 1.) Apply an approved clamp to the brake hose.
  • 2.) Open the bleeder screw.
  • 3.) Use a C-Clamp or channel locks to push the piston back into its housing. Make sure to use a tube or bucket to catch the dirty fluid.
  • 4.) Close the bleeder screw.

By following these steps, you ensure that the contaminated brake fluid doesn't get trapped in the ABS system.

Stay tuned for part eight next week, when we talk about using torque sticks to re-install lug nuts at the end of the brake job. 

Raybestos® '53 Chevy 3600 Build Update

A Look at the Forgeline Wheels for the Chevy Pickup

In this Raybestos build update, we take a look at the Forgeline wheels for the '53 Chevy pickup.

Watch the latest build update video on YouTube.

For this project, we are using the Forgeline MLC3 wheels in transparent smoke with a polished lip.

We want to give a shoutout to our build partner, Forgeline, for providing the wheels for this build.

To follow the progress of the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup: