Raybestos® Training Update

Brake Job Tools Video Series: Hub Cleaning Tools

In part three of our brake tools video series, we talk about the importance of having proper hub cleaning tools.

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Properly cleaning wheel hubs is a critical component of a successful brake job. Rust and corrosion build up on the wheel hub over time. This buildup can affect the lateral runout of the rotor itself. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a clean hub surface before you install the rotor.

There are several tools out there that shops use to clean hub surfaces. However, we recommend using the following two tools:

1.) Hub Cleaners: When choosing a hub cleaner, make sure that you use a cleaner that has the ability to go over the wheel studs. This helps get the area around the studs clean of any debris. Most hub cleaning tools are compatible with an impact gun, giving you the ability to quickly blast the buildup away.

2.) Wire Brush: Once you are finished with the hub cleaners, we recommend doing a quick once-over of the hub with a wire brush. This removes any leftover debris on the hub, giving you a clean surface. 

Stay tuned for part four, when we will discuss the importance of having dish soap on hand in your shop to clean off a rotor before installation. To follow along with the brake tools series, make sure to either:

Raybestos® '53 Chevy 3600 Build Update

Line 'Em Up: A Look at the Bed Lining on the Inner Fenders of the '53 Chevy

In this Raybestos build update, we look at the bed lining material used on the inner fenders of the '53 Chevy.

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The Raybestos '53 Chevy 3600 may look pretty, but it is built to be put to the test and driven hard. Because of that, the guys at Schwartz Performance Inc. put bed lining material down on the inside of the fenders. This is a common step they take on most of their builds. 

The bed lining is added to provide durability. It protects against any stone chips or dents on the fender that can lead to spider-web cracks on the outside of the paint job.

To follow the progress of the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup: