Raybestos® Training Update

Brake Job Tools Video Series: Torque Sticks

In the eighth part of our series, we discuss the importance of using torque sticks to tighten lug nuts down to specifications.

Watch part eight on YouTube.

You just finished performing a quality brake job. You took the time and used the proper tools to ensure that you won't receive a comeback. Don't ruin things at the end by tightening the lug nuts down with a regular socket.

It is vital that you torque the lug nuts down evenly and to specifications. We recommend using torque sticks to do this. Look up the torque specs in your specifications guide and choose the right stick. When tightening down the lug nuts, make sure to use the cross or star pattern.

Why is it important to tighten lug nuts down evenly and to specifications? If you tighten the lug nuts down unevenly, you affect the ability of the rotor to expand as it heats up in certain spots. If the rotor expands unevenly, the rotor will have an excessive lateral runout.

Stay tuned for the final video in the series next week, when we talk about some additional tools that, while not necessary, will make performing a quality brake job a lot easier. 

Raybestos® '53 Chevy 3600 Build Update

A Look at the Raybestos Brakes on the Chevy Pickup

In this build update, we look at the Raybestos brakes installed on the '53 Chevy 3600.   

Watch the latest build update video on YouTube.

The Raybestos brakes for the '53 Chevy 3600 are installed! For this project, we are using: 

This combination will provide excellent stopping power and reliable braking. 

For an extra flair, Schwartz Performance Inc. painted the calipers red and finished them off with a Raybestos vinyl sticker. This will make the brakes look great when looking at them through the Forgeline wheels.

To follow the progress of the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup: