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Raybestos Chevy Pickup Truck Delived to Grand Prize Winner

MCHENRY, Ill., May 20, 2019 – The Raybestos® 1953 Chevrolet® pickup truck is now home in Minnesota, having been recently delivered to grand prize winner Charles Ruder, according to Kristin Grons, marketing manager for Brake Parts Inc LLC (BPI). 

Family, friends, customers and members of the Minneapolis Fire Department joined Ruder at an open house lunch hosted by Brake & Equipment Warehouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see “Big Red” and meet legendary car builder Jeff Schwartz. Andrew Miller, director of sales for BPI, Steve Sontich, customer experience specialist for BPI and Grons officially handed over the keys to the upgraded classic truck. 

“The weather was chilly, but the sun came out and shone on the truck as we presented the classic icon to its new owner,” said Grons. “We congratulate Charles again and thank him for being a loyal Raybestos customer. We know he’ll enjoy cruising around town, showcasing his new ride.” 

Ruder was named the grand prize winner at a special booth reception held at the BPI booth during the 2018 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Raybestos® Training Update

Drum Brake Replacement: Removing Assembly

Disc brakes have become a standard for many modern vehicles in both the front and rear axles. However, drum brakes are still common to find on the rear axle of many vehicles on the road today. It is still important for technicians to know how to properly and safely perform a drum brake job. In this video series, we will walk you through each step of quality a drum brake job.

In this week's episode, we take a look at inspecting, cleaning and lubricating the backing plate.

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After removing the drum brake assembly, you will want to inspect the backing plate. Pay attention to the contact points between the brake shoes and the backing plate. If these contact points are not properly lubricated, or if the grease has worn off, the brake shoes will start to wear grooves in the backing plate. If the grooves are worn deep enough, the shoes can get caught in them. This can lead to brake noise or brake drag if left unattended. 

If the grooves aren't too deep, you can smooth them over by using a wire brush and a roloc disc. If the groove are too deep, there are two options for you: 

1.) Replace the backing plate

2.) Fill the groove with epoxy and smooth it over

After you inspect the backing plate, make sure to sure a high-temperature, synthetic lubricant on all contact points. 

Finally, clean the area around the anchoring pin with a wire brush. Now you can begin installing the brake shoe assembly.

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