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Raybestos® Update

Raybestos Participates in Inaugural Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show

MCHENRY, Ill., June 1, 2020 – Raybestos® will participate in the Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show taking place as a virtual program running through August 30, 2020, it was announced today by to Kristin Grons, marketing manager for Brake Parts Inc LLC (BPI). 

“As we continue to navigate these challenging times, the Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show is a valuable and innovative way for us to reach our Canadian customers and showcase our Raybestos brake products and technical information in a safe and effective way,” said Grons. “We look forward to participating in this inaugural event and connecting with Canada’s automotive aftermarket.” 

With a virtual exhibitor booth, Raybestos will have a dedicated web page to distribute product, technical and training information as well as promotional materials to Canada’s aftermarket professionals. 

The Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show is produced by the publishers of Indie Garage and Jobber Nation. For more information about the event, visit The Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show website. 

Raybestos® Training Update

2014 Jeep Cherokee: Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

We recently had a 2014 Jeep Cherokee in our shop for a brake job. The Jeep Cherokee has Electric Parking Brakes (EPB) on the rear brakes.

The actuator of the EPB is not connected to the piston. It floats inside of the piston. If we were to compress the piston before retracting the actuator, we would damage the caliper. Electric Parking Brake Diagram

In order to remove the calipers on the rear brakes, we need to retract the actuator. In some vehicles, particularly older applications with EPBs, you would need a laptop program or a scan tool to retract the actuator. In this case, Jeep allows you to retract the actuator directly from the display screen.

To retract the actuator, follow these steps:

  • Turn the key to light up the display without starting the engine.
  • Hit the apps button
  • Select settings
  • Select brakes
  • Select service mode
  • The display will ask if you want to retract the parking brake
  • Select yes
  • Wait for the actuator to retract

Once the actuator retracts, you still need to compress the piston on the caliper before removing it.

After your brake job, to reset the parking brake, follow these steps:

  • Follow steps 1-5 above
  • The parking brake display will read "Parking brake retracted. To reset, press the brake pedal and activate the parking brake switch"
  • Press and hold the brake pedal
  • Pull the parking brake switch to activate the actuator
  • Hold the brake pedal and parking brake switch until the motor stops running

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